We are creating a blockchain that will utilize quantum computing to become the first quantum blockchain, accelerating cryptocurrency into the future.

With USX Quantum, we will introduce a new cryptographic hash function which will allow modern blockchains to transition to quantum blockchains. Quantum computers have an astronomical amount of computational power compared to classic computing, and we will harness this to create the next generation of blockchains. Not only quantum proof, but quantum fast!

Quantum Upgrades

Quantum-Based Encryption

Send, receive, and transact on the most secure and advanced blockchain network.

Entangled Cryptographic Protocol

Light- speed transactions across astronomical units. utilizing Quantum-Entanglement for Interstellar transactions, Providing technology for future space exploration.

Quantum Key Distribution

Utilizing quantum communication to establish a shared key between two parties

Endless computational power

An enhanced network in which computational power evolves at an astronomical rate in contrast to classical computing.


USX to BSC Swap

Swapping from usx to binance smart chain. -COMPLETED